Exascale computing has been the focus of many workshops and community forums. What has been learned is that there is an immediate and strategic need for computing in the Exascale performance regime. Both conventional and exotic technologies will be available within a decade to enable these performance gains. However, there is a great uncertainty as to how such technologies might be employed within the responsible and practical operational envelope of cost, power, space, and reliability.

In order to advance our understanding of practical Exascale computing, a detailed study of a specific system point design being carried out under the stewardship of NSF. This study will combine, in a single model, all aspects of system realization, including potential technologies, architecture, system software, and programming models. The study will be driven by chosen applications. Such a study would provide the next level of insight required for attaining Exascale performance.

The Universities and National Labs participating in the NSF Exascale Study include :

               Sandia National Laboratory

               University of Illinois, UC

               Louisiana State University

               University of Delaware

               University of Southern Cal. - ISI

               University of Texas - Austin

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